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This page shows examples of Mark's recent video projects.  They demonstrate a range of styles and capabilities and, hopefully, will give you ideas on how video can help reach customers and/or communities through websites and social media. Video potentially allows small to medium-sized companies compete with much larger organisations, and allows voluntary and not-for-profit organisations reach, and engage with, many more people than is possible 'face to face'. In 2019, Mark will be helping musicians enhance their exposure by producing videos for them.

If you would like more information about video/audio recording and editing, please contact us.

Spotlight Theatre Highlights

This video was produced to showcase a not-for-profit youth musical theatre group called Spotlight Productions. Not only did it provide a great memento for the young performers and their parents, it also provided material to promote the group through social media, YouTube and the group's website. This was recorded using Ultra HD 4k video cameras using specialist lenses optimised for low-light conditions to minimise noise. View more videos and photos from Spotlight Productions.

Saxophonist Robert Burton

This except is taken from a recording of a Christmas concert in Spaldwick Church, and features saxophonist Robert Burton accompanied by his brother. It was recorded by three Sony Ultra HD 4k cameras and separate audio microphones. The video was uploaded to Facebook and, within hours, had been viewed by over 2,500 people - which is 20 times the number of people present at the concert itself. Being a live concert, the recording was very challenging as additional lighting (which would be used in conventional TV recordings and broadcasts) could not be used. Specialist low-light cameras and lenses were essential.

Studio recording with chromakey and autocue

This video was produced for a growing  team building events company, for use on its website and through social media. It was recorded in Ultra HD 4k using a Sony camera and studio lighting. Chromakey (green screen) was used to provide a suitable studio backdrop and to enable integration with various video feeds. Autocue was used to minimise stress for the presenter and to achieve a very professional result. The video was uploaded to Facebook when, within hours, it had achieved greater reach and engagement than all the traditional posts over the previous 18 months added together.

Video interviews with chromakey and special effects

This video was created to promote a brand new activity for a team building events company. It was recorded in a studio with a Sony Ultra HD 4k camera, using chromakey green screen capabilities and several different backgrounds. Advanced video editing allowed the integration of video interviews recorded on mobile phones. With the help of the video, the new event became a big sales hit.

High resolution audio recordings

While video picture quality plays a very important role, most people within the industry consider that audio quality is even more important, which is somewhat counter-intuitive. The audio on all videos produced are separately recorded using dedicated high-resolution recorders and microphones at 24 bit/96kHz resolution.

An optimum mix of microphones, including wireless lavalier systems, large-condenser and small-condenser microphones can be used. The recording above (down-mixed to lower resolution) was recorded live at a church concert. It demonstrates the ability to produce audio-only master recordings, and audio podcasts.

If you would like more information about video/audio recording and editing, please contact us.

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